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Scripture teaches that immigrants are made in the image of God and that a faithful response to a stranger is to extend welcome. In the Bible, strangers are often used by God to bring blessing. I have experienced the blessing that immigrants bring to the U.S., my community, the church, and my life.

So when I hear immigrants described as burdens, I’m committed to change the conversation -- whether in my home, my church, or my congressional district. I commit to speak the truth: Immigrants are a blessing, not a burden.


I call on my congressional representative to

  • speak in ways that reflect the economic, social, and spiritual blessings that immigrants bring to the U.S. I will not remain silent about language that portrays immigrants as “takers,” dangerous, or burdensome to my community or to the country as a whole.
  • enact immigration policy that respects the dignity of immigrants, and the blessing they bring to the United States. Immigration policy must
    • keep families together.
    • establish a path to citizenship for those who qualify and wish to become permanent residents.
    • adjust the number of visas given to immigrant-dependent industries.
    • enforce laws humanely.
    • be rooted in the truth that immigrants are a blessing, not a burden.

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Blessing Not Burden Partners is a project designed to empower small groups to walk with their congregations as they learn more about our broken immigration system and how it impacts the people God calls us to welcome and defend. Partners work to educate their congregations, help integrate the topic of immigration into worship, find their voice to speak to their public officials about common sense immigration policy, and connect church members to local efforts.

Blessing Not Burden partners are 3 or more people in a congregation that have signed the Blessing Not Burden campaign pledge and are committed to deepening their church’s understanding of immigration. Partners are also willing to give their names and contact information to the Office of Social Justice and the Blessing Not Burden regional organizer to connect and guide you along the way.

Visit the Blessing Not Burden Partner page to sign up and learn more!

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