“Some things must be said, and there are times when silence becomes an accomplice to injustice.” -Ayaan Hirsi Ali

More Ways to Change the Conversation:


Host a Church Between Borders workshop in your church, school, university, or community group!

This interactive workshop looks at the history and roots of immigration laws in the U.S. and how as Christians we can advocate for a more just system.

Screen The Stranger in your community.

The Stranger is a 45-minute documentary film commissioned by the Evangelical Immigration Table and produced by Emmy-award winning producer Linda Midgett. The Stranger profiles three immigrant stories and includes interviews with local and national Christian leaders.



Visit the Office of Social Justice Action Center to take action on the latest immigration legislation.

We call on our elected officials to reform United States immigration laws and enact policies that reflect that immigrants are a blessing, not a burden. While advocacy can take many forms, contacting legislators is something that everyone can do. It is also one of the ways we can steward our voices to change the conversation in a way will be able to broadly impact many people’s lives.

Visit the Office of Social Justice Action Center

Worship Resources:

Immigration Preaching Challenge: The theme of immigration is woven throughout the biblical narrative. However, only 16 percent of evangelicals have ever heard about immigration in church. As a result, fewer than 10 percent report that they think about immigration primarily from the perspective of their faith. Have you ever talked about immigration from the pulpit? We encourage you to participate in the Immigration Preaching Challenge.

“I Was a Stranger” Challenge: The "I Was a Stranger" Challenge is simple: Read 40 passages of Scripture for 40 days that address in some way God's concern for immigrants and foreigners. Pray over your reading each day, and allow the Spirit to illuminate your heart. This bookmark has the passages written on it. Order for yourself, your church, and even your legislators! Then sign the open letter and join others taking the challenge.